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Around the house at the farm there’s a plethora of birdlife: mainly because my parents’ last cat died about a year ago. Everything is quite tame: my mother had a bellbird pair nesting about three feet outside the kitchen window; swallows perch on the TV aerial (the little shitters); and there’s a family of fantails (piwakawaka) living in the trees at the corner of the house.

This one was busy collecting dog hair (moulted from Grace, the elderly retriever) for her nest and didn’t mind me with the camera at all.

I’m testing out the video sharing concept: there’s a few options around where people are trying to create the Flickr equivalent for video. There aren’t many clips I’d want to share: most I do on the camera are of the kids. But sometimes I take something interesting (I think).

At first I thought I’d use Google Video - so I signed up and uploaded a couple clips - I even complied with their requirements (unencumbered formats: MP4 for video and MP3 for audio). But for some reason the audio has come out crap, so I’m now trying Vimeo, which is a more obvious Flickr clone.

I can’t quite see Vimeo taking off as strongly as Flickr: video is just not as straightforward for users as photos are. But who knows: maybe in a couple years something will have happened to change all that. It usually does…

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