the two towers

We went to The Two Towers on Saturday night. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a great film, but somehow it felt a little unsatisfying. Maybe it’s the lack of a clear beginning or end (not really Jackson’s fault) or the occasional annoying change that has been made (e.g. Frodo and Sam being taken to Osgiliath under duress by Faramir) which gives quite different shadings to the characters involved.

However, it was incredibly entertaining, with effects and actors working almost seamlessly. Best effect for my money (this cannot have been a stunt, surely) was when Legolas, ahead of a group of riders and firing on some orcs, looks over his shoulder, sees Gimli on a horse bearing down on him, casually steps in front of the horse and somehow flicks himself up onto the back of it behind Gimli. I’m not explaining it that well. But it just looked f**king astonishing.

The raves for the way Gollum has been done are deserved. Hollywood isn’t quite in the age of the synthespian yet, but in another five years it won’t be far away. It’s easy to imagine (for example) someone making a new James Dean film with this sort of technology. Best supporting actor then would be a toss-up between Gollum, or the New Zealand landscape (although I’d always thought Rohan was green and flat - in the film it’s a combination of Central Otago and the Mackenzie Basin: dry brown rolling country with lots of tors).

Definitely one to see again… on the special extended DVD about this time next year as preparation for The Return of the King.

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