After reading Idiot / Savant’s reminder of Charlie Stross, I thought I’d better get hold of a few of his books. And that’s what I’ve been doing during the last week.

First The Atrocity Archive, a sort of spy thriller meets Cthulhu sort of thing - most entertaining. Then Singularity Sky, quite a good high-tech space yarn which defies a one line review (think Banks & MacLeod - harder than Banks, but funnier than MacLeod). And now I’m halfway through Iron Sunrise, the sequel to Singularity Sky.

I’d rabbit on about these great books a bit more, but frankly all I want to do right now is continue reading. And there’s a whole lot more to go on Stross’s website. (And looking up the links to the books above finds me a new China Miéville novel. Let’s check out the library catalog and place a reserve right now…)

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