lack of spiders this summer

In neglecting this blog I’ve also been neglecting my related hobby of posting arachno-porn.

Time to fix this. A little.

Well, the other week down by the Taieri River we (or more correctly, that nice Scottish-Kiwi family from Auckland who we kept crossing paths with on the Rail Trail) found a pair of lovely and large water spiders (Dolomedes aquaticus, according to Forster & Forster):

Water spiders

Once I changed lenses I was able to get a nice close-up of the smaller, probably male, individual (though, as always, I never quite get enough depth of field):

Water spider

Meanwhile, the other one had disappeared around the side of a rock under the water. It sat there and didn’t move, the trapped air around its body providing a silvery aqualung.

Water spider, hiding

Given that this handsome pair were probably in the middle of some sort of courtship process when they were disturbed, I’m thinking this fully qualifies as arachno-porn.

So enough for now.

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