harvest moon

As we swept around the corner the moon started rising over the hills ahead. It was stunningly beautiful, this large harvest moon, limned against a darkening purple sky.

harvest moon in the Wairarapa hills

We were driving back from the Bic Runga concert, coming into that long valley back road between Martinborough and Gladstone. If there was a place in the North Island that I had to live forever, it would be here: lightly native wooded hills, deep valleys full of bush, clean pastures, and a perfect building platform on every ridge you pass. And not over developed, either; just another country area with a few farms and the occasional vineyard.

I expect the people here are too canny to subdivide (if I had a thousand acres here I would be too) so it’s just a dream. But a nice one. This yellow moon makes it sing (a Neville Brothers’ song).

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