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Anytime I’m in the library and I see a Warren Ellis comic I haven’t read yet, I grab it. Because if I don’t, someone else will. I’m slowly working my way through Transmetropolitan, Ellis’s frankly awesome gonzo skiffy series now republished in the so-called “graphic novel” format.

So I was well chuffed to find this little tome. (Indeed, I have to hand it on to Hadyn immediately, once I let slip I had found it.)

It’s a quick read. It’s about a private detective, a self-described “shit-magnet”, and the plot is basically a thin device to hang more and more of Ellis’ trademark gratuitous psychosexual brainfuck comedic setpieces on.

Essentially it’s Transmetropolitan set in the present day, with the main protagonist having a slightly different day job to Spider Jerusalem.

And if that’s all that you’re after the book succeeds admirably. And it will have legions of trufans slavering for more.

I loved it. But it won’t do it for everyone.

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